Who is Sophie?

warning: these links are all NSFW

I’m a fun-loving natural blonde thirty-three year old woman who is always on the lookout for a good time. I’m an avid gamer, expert chef of medium-rare ribeye, and enjoy expressing myself through art. I refuse to compromise on my happiness and am always seeking ways to have a great time, no matter what.

Will you come with me on my next adventure?

What kind of adventure?

Oyster House: share Pink Moon oysters

sports game: I’m your good luck charm!

Charlie Was A Sinner: vegan food, great drinks

mountain trail: let’s go hiking~

shooting range: shooting is exhilarating!

aquarium: let’s wander and look at fish

Mutter Museum: creepy medical history

nightclub: everyone will be jealous of you

swimming pool: nicest hotels with pools

fancy pool or nice beach: no DE or NJ please

nerdy convention: I will be staring at pretty girls

vacation in paradise: 3/5/7 day packages

Should I bring a gift?

– tequila, gin, potted plant, cut flowers 😍

– please no chocolate, sweets, or wine 😅

– alternately, see my wishlist

❤️ Spoiled Sophie Margiela