real quick:

height: 5′ 5½”   ˯ age: 32
bra size: 34G   ͐ panty size: L
eyes: blue-grey   ˯ shoe size: 10 US
tattoos: none   ͐ body hair: shaved bare
piercings: nose, lip, nipples, ears
head hair: mid-back natural blonde
makeup: barely! natural glow
favorite flowers: cat-safe potted plants
home base: Philadelphia
travels to: major US cities
sexuality: bisexual w/ experience
heritage: German + Serbian
favorite alcohol: gin, tequila (no wine)
smokes: scentless 420, no nicotine

What video games do I play?

Whew, this sure is a big list!

Places I like to have fun:

at the Mutter Museum: full of medical anomalies and creepy history

by the swimming pool: currently exploring all nice hotels with pools

at Oyster House: after sharing a dozen raw Pink Moon oysters

at Vedge or Charlie Was A Sinner: fully vegan food, fantastic drinks

at the beach: nice beaches, no Delaware or New Jersey please

at a nerdy convention: I will be staring at pretty girls though


I want to be the very best,
like no one eve
r was