dinner dates

Ribeye + Chill

You go to Whole Foods and buy two butcher-cut boneless ribeye steaks. You bring them, same day fresh, to the appointment, where I spend about 30 minutes preparing the steaks with fresh herbs and spices. We eat them while we watch a movie or play video games in my living room. Almost fully satisfied, we make ourselves comfortable in my bedroom.

not into ribeye?
ask me about other food options!

two hours social + two hours GFE


Smoky Relaxation
any city that isn’t Philly

You bring a blunt, joint, or THC vape pen for us to share. We smoke 420 together in the fresh air outside while we appreciate the beauty of nature around us. We will have plenty of time to get to know one another, and I can show you my video games. Maybe I’ll pick us up some food to satisfy our munchies. We go back to my hotel, where we enjoy our time together in my big cozy bed, then we have another smoke as desired while the post-orgasmic euphoria kicks in.

two hours social + two hours GFE


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