spa + swim

I want us both to feel extra spoiled and super relaxed! These packages are available in all major US cities including Philadelphia.

We all need a little downtime. You and I can find inner peace and relaxation together.

spa: luxurious pro massage

I’m no good at massage with these pointed fingernails of mine, but I can set us up to get luxurious couples massages together. Just let me know whether you’d like to get your massage before or after our private fun together. The cost of the spa visit is already included so you don’t have to budget extra or do math in your head. I can make us fresh fruit and vegetable juice to hydrate us!

2 hours GFE + 2 hours spa social time:

swimming: outdoor rooftop pool

Seeking sunshine and drinks by the pool? I got you. We’ll slather sunscreen on one another, you’ll watch me jiggle in my string bikini, and we’ll make everyone jealous. Vitamin D is important, right?

2 hours GFE + 2 hours pool social time:
$1500 + drinks

swimming: indoor saltwater pool

Maybe the sun hasn’t exactly been good to you, or chlorine dries your skin out too much. But you still desire the satisfying feeling of submerging yourself in warm water? We can go to a hotel with a heated indoor saltwater pool instead and relax away from the sun’s rays before we collapse into bed giggling together!

2 hours GFE + 2 hours pool social time:
$1500 + some tequila or gin

swimming: beach!

I’d love for you to drive me to the beach! I’ll bring sunscreen, you feed me drinks, and we enjoy the sunshine to its fullest degree!! Keep me somewhat hydrated, feed me occasionally, and lets go somewhere with no kids around so I can be my uncensored slutty self.

2 hours GFE + 4 hours beach social time:
$1500 + margaritas

to schedule your date,
text me at 267.600.7897